I did my first shoot every with David and I was pretty nervous, but he made me feel very comfortable and I didn’t feel like what I was doing was forced. He gave me suggestions on poses and made the photo shoot feel very natural and organic. The photos turned out great and my overall experience was good.                                    Ifeoma O.

I've worked with David multiple times the past year and I can honestly say not only did I get incredible photos but I had an absolute blast. He is so fun to work with and is always open to new and fresh ideas. It's 100% a collaboration. I definitely plan on working with him again in the future and would absolutely recommend him for any type of shoot. You won't be disappointed.                                                                                                        Arianna B.

Just worked with David for the first time, and he is amazinggg! Still in awe over the awesome shots he captured. Very professional with a good positive energy was the atmosphere! I definitely would recommend him for your next shoot!                                                                                                                                                                       Kiara M.

I have worked with David on stage and off and he is a great photographer. If you're looking "the guy" for any situation or event he's the one.  Steve "Bam" B.

David has a way of making you feel very comfortable and at ease. He makes the whole experience very laid-back and relaxed so that you're able to really enjoy it! We recently had a shoot and I have never had such a gorgeous collective set of photographs of myself! I'm so excited to have these beautiful pictures of myself in my possession. He captures the emotionality and the magic of his subjects. His photographs are truly dreamy and vivid. I cannot recommend Born imagery enough!                                                                                                                                 Kate E.

Amazing guy, amazing set-up he has, and with such amazing pictures!! Well prepared, has everything you need to bring out every side of you, whether it has to do with being creative, being different, and just being you! Definitely planning on doing another shoot with him soon keep up the amazing work David!                                             Teesha R.

I had a great time working with David.  We collaborated ideas that we both wanted to capture and to say the least we did such in a short amount of time.  Great guy and photographer!                                                                     Abner L.

David is an extremely talented and very generous soul. He has spent hours in the hot sun taking phenomenal pictures at Plummer Youth Promise's fundraising events. His good humor, keen eye and enthusiastic spirit are ever-present, and I feel so grateful that he's been willing to work with us.                                                             Nicole M.

I worked with David this summer. I contacted him as I was looking for some fun lifestyle/active shots. He captured so many amazing moments, many of which I am using for my website and agency pages. He is 100% professional and dedicated to his craft. I highly recommend him!!!                                                                                           Marybeth P.

Working with David was a blast! He had the challenge of working with me and my crazy family and he captured the best pictures of us! There honestly wasn't a photo that he took that I didn't like. He had great ideas for photo formations and poses along with the use of props. We'd all work with him again in a heartbeat. Definitely recommend him for all of your family and individual portraits.                                                                               Caroline L.

Working with David is an absolute pleasure. I've seen him tirelessly work on his craft and come into his own as a skilled photographer. Even working with me as the model, he was able to make me look great and that's not easy! I recommend David for your next...whatever you need...that's one of the best things about him. There's not a challenge he won't take on and he delivers great results.                                                                                             Eric C.

David is so easy to work with, super creative and well we at KAModeling have enjoyed every shoot we have done with him. His turn around is fast but well done. And I am never disappointed with the end results. Totally recommend checking out his studio and participating in a project with him..                                                   Kassandra M.

David is an all-around great guy and talented photographer! Being photographed in glitter is way out of my comfort zone, but he made the shoot fun and relaxing! Not to mention that he plays some great music! He is always willing to listen to ideas and guide you to get the best shot possible. His photos are flattering and artful! I highly recommend him for any portrait photography needed! You wont be disappointed!                               Rosanne P.

Had such a fun time shooting with David! Not only was he professional but made sure that my sister and I were involved with creating poses we wanted to try. He recommended angles and let us see how the pictures were coming out to ensure we all were getting the desired product we had hoped for. The studio was very nice! David provided complimentary water, needs for the shoot, as well as the wifi password.  I've never been to a studio with the needs of the models as well as the person they brought with them so well taken care of. Would recommend Born Imagery to anyone looking to try modeling or expand their portfolio with great pictures and very cool concepts thought of by David. Also put on some great music which definitely livens up the shoot.                  Lindsey Y

When you work with David, you can tell that this is not his first gig. He is an incredible photographer that grabs the best in each model and brings it out in the most creative way possible. Your ideas are heard and reflected in the best light. It is an honor to work with such a photographer that will go a step further to make sure every model finds that image that shines in their eyes.                                                                                                                   Susan Y

I am finally happy that I had the chance to work with David. Very impressed with his guidance on how he wanted to have a certain look and with the perfect use of lighting and a very keen eye the work he did was magical! Looking forward to working with him again with different concepts!                                                                         Kevin P.

David is the best. He makes you feel really comfortable so you're able to do great work. To boot, he provides excellent direction. I highly recommend Born Imagery. Thanks David.                                                                       Jose G.

I've had the chance to work with Dave at his studio on several occasions. Besides being the consumate gentleman and professional, he's got a tremendously creative eye. I recommend him to models for portfolio work, actors who need head shots and to friends when their children need Senior portraits done. He's got ability across the board to capture the right image with the subject and doesn't stop until he feels he's got it right and has managed to get many different images. He makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.                                                                 Cary C.

David West is an amazing photographer and a wonderful individual. He's interesting and interested, laid back and has the best music! He's personable and understanding. Mindful and wise. Sensitive and strong. He's one of those characters from a book you want to emulate bc they're just so darn cool-with it. Sensible without lacking originality. Saying, "He's great" is an understatement. Thank you, David for a wonderful shoot and most importantly for making me feel comfortable! You're the best!                                                                                                           Yasmin S.

I had an amazing time with David! Such an inspiring soul. He was both kind and welcoming. Genuine and professional. His warm nature left me feeling both relaxed and comfortable. I look forward to working with David in the future                                                                                                                                                                         Mindy B.

Upset that there aren't more than 5 stars. Can't stress enough how fun, creative, and relaxed our shoot was!     Emily M.

David works tirelessly to get the desired shots and meet the production objective. As a model, I can see he has a natural ability to understand how lighting works, and knows how to talk to models to bring out the desired mood. I've worked with many photographers, and David ranks up there with those I've felt most comfortable with. Not only is he talented and efficient, he is an awesome human being. Consider David for your next project, his creativity shines through and his professionalism and capabilities will impress. Happy to provide further information about my experience in working with David.                                                                                           Jamie T.

David West you are amazing with your gift 🎁 of photography , incredibly creative , exceptional talent Capturing the moment , 👁👁you share with each of your Clients , your experience With Photography is definitely achieved , and I would definitely recommend You to anyone Seeking a professional photo shoot                                                 Mary C.

David is a first class photographer. His vision for the shot is exceptional!! He made me feel so at ease. It felt like I've known him a lifetime!!                                                                                                                                               Katie E.

Relax yet very efficient; fun & totally professional; and fantastic amazing photos!                                                         JJ David

I had an opportunity to work with David and would do it all over again. I continually receive numerous comments from my photo session with him. David is easy to work with. He is creative and a very skilled photographer.   Jeanne L.

David West is the consummate professional. Working with him recently for the first time was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. He has a knack for getting great looks with ease. Collaborative, intense, comfortable, fun--and the finished images are stunning. Be good to yourself and book a session with him!                                   Ashley S.

David west is the type of photographer who will move u from ur comfort zone to greatness, he is patient, creative, open to suggestions, I have worked with him twice and don't have any regrets, would love to work with him for a life time, thank u David great personality , professional, great awesome photographer                                         Becky B.

I had a GREAT time shooting with David West! He was respectful, flexible but most of all he gave good direction to get the best out of each shot! He has a great eye for lighting and color. Those are the important qualities of a good photographer! I'd not only love to work with him again but I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to have their own photoshoot. It's a must in one's lifetime                                                                                                                   Lisa M.

Recently my son and I got the opportunity to work with David of Born Imagery. It was an incredible experience!!! I was not only pleased, I was genuinely touched while we were shooting. He was very gentle, yet attentive with my 5 year old, and very patient and fun at the same time!!! My son had a blast!!! The photos were quite awesome, too!!! The fast motion images of my son that he captured were quite a 'high speed' memory, keeping that active moment 'alive' in the months since! I'm grateful for this opportunity to work with and meet a very down to earth, humble, polite, respectful, courteous, talented, soft spoken, yet driven and decisive photographer! He also offered and asked permission to take photos of me and then later my son and I together, since we were there together anyway... As a sole, single parent it's rare to get anything but a selfie together and it was the personal attention to detail from Born Imagery which is most memorable, most incredible and outstanding!!! David is very attentive, easy going and calm and his personality and aura translates into his shoots. I will 100% happily return again for another shoot soon!!! I'm thinking around Fall time or so. My then 5 year old felt ultra comfortable... In today's day and age, such and attentive & individualized way of doing business is very rare. Born Imagery handles several types of photography so keep that in mind ahead of your next office event or a family reunion! I highly and wholeheartedly recommend them!!! Please feel free to consider them next time you have photography needs:-)!                                 Ira K.

David West at Born Imagery was amazing to work with! He has a great eye, and his patience, dedication, and professionalism are exactly what we all look for when we seek a photographer for those incredibly important head shot portfolios. He was patient when we spoke on the phone prior to the shoot about my ideas, listening to every word and idea with acute interest, he was even more patient at the shoot with me being so awkward about having my picture taken (modeling for the still camera is not my strong point), but was super encouraging, and made sure I was comfortable. His focus on detail, direction and the perfect shot is incredible, and I am so thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with him. I look forward to continuing the portfolio with him at the next round! I have only seen this one photograph of me, but I am so excited to see what else is coming (and that says a lot because I am super critical of myself!) This one is definitely going in the online portfolios! If you are looking for an excellent photographer for your portfolio, I highly recommend him. Thank you to the moon and back Dave!                               Stephanie E. 

I met David about a month ago at a social gathering .. Instantly sensed him to be a very genuine and warm person .. Thru conversation learned he was a photographer.  I had never had a photo shoot before and like most people generally don't like my picture taken but because I try to stretch out of my comfort zone I decided to do it.. Initially I was going to have some basic business like head shots but when I saw some of his work.. More fun and liberating pics, I decided to go for it. David made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed ..I came with a vision on a particular look I wanted and he brought it to life by capturing it perfectly ..I have yet to see all the pictures he took .. About 4 hours worth .. He took so much time to make sure the lighting, angle and everything was just right being a true professional and passionate about his work. Great experience as I call it ... Celebrating my Divine feminine .. Something every woman should do for herself!!! My pic .. I absolutely love and as I said to David.. I love it so much, I feel a little conceited because I can't stop looking at it ...lol But I guess that is what it is all about!!! Thank you, David                                                                                                                                                                               Karen C.

It is always a pleasure to work with Dave; he is kind, considerate, professional, and, of course, is a talented photographer (it's an added bonus to go to the studio and see his adorable dog "assistants" peeking in during a shoot).  Yes, the photos are sharp, with good composition and light, but there is much more beyond the technical aspects - each photo tells a story.  Dave in as artist with a fantastic knack for capturing the aesthetic of a given moment.  How refreshing, to work with someone who dives in, with enthusiasm, to ideas I bring to the table.  During a shoot, as well as when I receive the photos back, the process always puts a smile on my face.  I highly recommend working with Dave, and will seek him out for more lens time in the future.                                                  Kelly B.

David has an uncanny ability to extract his subject's true personality into a photo. He photographed our daughter and the results were stellar. His ease and aplomb with his subjects is immediately evident. Whether it be for fashion photography or advertising purposes, his skill is unique!                                                                              Cecil & Kristine Bean

I’ve never had my photo professionally taken before and if you’ve never been in front of a camera it can be a bit nerve-wracking. But Dave instantly put me at ease! And what I appreciated the most was the ability to collaborate with Dave as he was photographing. I could suggest an idea and we could work together to see if it was a possibility — Dave is a true artist open to what will make you the happiest while as the same time fulfilling his craft to achieve the best desirable outcome. I love my photos Dave! Thank you!                                                         Marissa T.

I met David at a fashion shoot with a bunch of kids and he was very patient , calm and just all around great guy. He took amazing pictures of my daughter that day so I decided to do a private shoot for my daughter. We met him at his home studio where he greeted us with a warm smile and was happy to do the photo shoot. David was up to any suggestions my daughter Kaeli threw at him including wearing a hard hat and using power tools. Then we went up to the studio for more amazing pictures both sitting and standing and he was very kind to capture some with me and my daughter.  As the day went on we took a walk around his neighborhood looking for something that caught our eye. Kaeli climbed a tree and did poses in the tree. Amazing !! We found some old brick buildings with a metal fire escape as a fun backdrop and even did a scene where she walked through a crosswalk. As we headed back to his studio Dave noticed Kaeli checking out a motorcycle that his neighbor was selling so he asked him if she could sit on it for a few shots which came out beautiful.  Being a very hospitable guy he made a very nice snack for us - always thinking of the model !! David, the guy for adventure, asked my daughter if she wanted to do a alley scene so she dressed in a leather jacket and some other costume jewelry.  We did a outstanding alley scene !! David is a outstanding photographer and great guy.  I knew he was going to be our photographer from the first time I met him. I love how passionate he is about his work and it’s refreshing to see him taking his time and letting people be who they are while bringing out their natural beauty. I highly recommend David West ( Born Imagery ) to anyone who wants beautiful high quality images. You will not be disappointed.                                     Lori T.

I had a great time shooting with David. Not only was he easy going and worked with us by incorporating our ideas, David was professional throughout every level of the shoot to the delivery of the finished product. I would recommend David, no doubt.                                                                                                                                     Scarlett L.

David West of Born Imagery is a photographer with a very creative eye and the ability to capture the unique beauty of a person . His outstanding head shots will make you standout in the crowd as was the case with my daughter and her modeling shots .  David is able to capture the right angles , lighting, and the perfect photo moment.                                                                                                                                                                           Leota S.

David West is a great photographer. I hired him to do my headshot and I ended up with 3 great quality shots for my portfolio. It was a fun and rewarding experience to work with him. I highly recommend him!                                 Diana T.

David West is a great photographer. I hired him to do my headshot and I ended up with 3 great quality shots for my portfolio. It was a fun and rewarding experience to work with him. I highly recommend him!
David is an amazing photographer! He is kind, welcoming and makes you feel super comfortable! He's not afraid to try different things and he also likes it when you have some ideas of your own too! We got to do a TON of outfit changes for my 1st session and I am excited to work with him again on a 2nd session I would highly recommend him to work with.
Amanda C.

Always a joy working with David! He is such a sweetheart and has a great sense of humor- very easy going and great to get along with. He manages to capture the sweetest moments during shoots and always gives you the best high quality experience of working on a project together. He doesn't treat you like just a model, he treats you like a person and talks to you and keeps up the ambience of having fun and enjoying the shoot! He is such a phenomenal photographer is so talented at his craft. I highly recommend hiring him as a photographer for any events or special occasions! His kindness and caring personality really adds to the whole experience as he truly cares for his work and only delivers the best! 10/10 I recommend Born Imagery for all your photography needs!!
Madeline B.

I have worked with Born Imagery twice and have had a fantastic results. He is easy going to work with and makes you feel comfortable and at ease the whole time. David loves what he does and it's apparent in the outcome of the shoot with all the great images. Highly recommend. I am definitely looking forward to working with him in the future.
Angie S.

My daughter and her friends had the pleasure a working with David West of Born Imagery! It was such a great experience! He is professional, creative and was great the the kids! The images he captured are just breathtaking! We look forward to working with him again !!!
Kristy M.

David is the ultimate professional and he is so kind and patient with children! He is gifted in photography and working with little ones.
Richelle A.

I had my first shoot with David a couple of weeks ago at Salem Willows and I have nothing but good things to say about my experience! David gave me a lot of freedom in which outfits I wanted to shoot in and the poses that I wanted to use. He was very flexible time wise, and his pictures came out amazing! Also, my parents were walking around the Willows, and before we left David invited them to take a picture with me. I had a wonderful time shooting with David, and I would highly recommend working with him!
Sadira P.

David was such a pleasure to work with. He is kind, super professional and willing to travel to his models and on location for convenience. Photos always come back quickly and look fantastic. I honestly am looking forward to working with him again in the future, a real pleasure!!
Robyn F.

My business partner and I have been delighted with the work Dave has done for Wilson Kelsey Design. His friendly and approachable way of working with you from behind the camera creates a relaxed atmosphere, more like having a conversation with a friend than a photo session. His willingness to try something new, taking shots from unexpected points of view is so refreshing. We look forwards to working with Dave again.
John K.

First off, I love your picture on the this page, very handsome. Secondly thank you so much for a wonderful and fun photo session with my girls. And the result was amazing, you are an incredibly talented photographer who has a heart of gold. ♡
Petal C.

It was quite an honor working with David West. I had just met him but I felt like I had known him for years. He made me feel very comfortable and talking as a friend while still maintaining professionalism. I really liked the ideas he was coming up with and the angles he was placing his lens. The results were just stunning. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great photoshoot with him, he for sure has a great eye at what he does.           Ted N.