Fabianna’s Story

Fabianna Marie was diagnosed at the age of 27 with BRCA1 positive, invasive metastatic Breast Cancer.  Enduring over 150 rounds of Chemotherapy, radiation, and a deteriorating kidney, Fabianna fights every day and has chosen to share her journey with the world in hopes of inspiring anyone facing adversity. Read more…

Jose Guns Alves’s Story


Jose Guns Alves is a television/film actor from New England. He is managed and represented by both NYC and Boston agencies. A credited principal performer on popular television shows and wide-release motion pictures, he has performed on Homeland, Gotham, The Good Cop, Daredevil and in movies like Daddy's Home 2 and Proud Mary as well as others. Minor success has only whetted his appetite for more success as he pushes for the next level in his career. Less than five years ago before acting he worked in the financial industry as a registered securities principal. His driving mantra is from his high school football coach, "What's the point of doing it if you're not gonna do it 100%?". He enjoys the crackle and smell of open fires and supple leather jackets, the taste of fine cigars with whiskey and the rushing wind on the open highway with his motorcycle. Keep an eye out for him in 2019 on upcoming television shows and in movie theaters. Jose’s website - Jose Guns Alves

Ann Kulichick’s Story

Ann’s particular social disease involves analyzing human mouths, the way they are constructed, the way they move. She can’t watch a movie without postulating what happened at each stage of oral development of many of the actors. Fortunately, she has found a way to channel this obsession into a socially acceptable profession, and she can be found in her office most days, flashlight in hand, asking people to open wide. But the fuzzy part is that she can make people’s lives a lot better, and help them avoid a lot of trouble. Otherwise, she likes to write and perform comedy, gaze at the ocean, use her muscles and talk with good friends. She’s thankful to Christina Truscello for her masterful hair and glitter talent on this shoot. Ann’s website

Michelle Falanga’s Story

Michelle is a Voice Talent, Actor and Writer from the Boston area. She is grateful to have had the chance to be part of “The Glitter Project”. Having dealt with many traumatic events in her life, including a total loss House Fire, witnessing 2 traumatic accidents, a retinal detachment and some major health issues, which she still deals with every day, she is learning to focus on being “present” and living in the moment. If the storms do not end, we have no choice but to dance in the rain, and “hopefully” inspire others to do the same…to be kind, be strong, be grateful and find their own Inner Warrior. Michelle’s Website

Marybeth Paul’s Story

“I got started in the modeling business years ago as a child. The agency was called Talent Unlimited and my mom worked a lot to bring us to our go-sees and jobs. I have three sisters and we all modeled at that time. When I was at Boston College as a track athlete, the high jumpers were called in to audition for a national Pepsi commercial. I booked the job, but at that time I would have lost my athletic scholarship, so had to turn it down. When I graduated college, I decided to give modeling a shot again and joined Hart Agency. I had a lot of great experiences there, but alas, the company went bankrupt and I decided to go into the traditional workforce.” Read more…

Kimberley Miller’s Story

Kimberley’s love of travel has taken her all over the world. From performing as Hamlet at Shakespeare’s The Globe in London, to teaching English in Vietnam, she enjoys immersing herself in a variety of cultures. In order to fund her continuous adventures she is currently employed within the software development industry. Fulfilling her love of bringing people together, she uses her skills as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master, to teach individuals, teams, and companies to successfully collaborate with each other and put egos aside. She is also a classically trained actress with a Master from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In whatever free time she has left, you can find her acting or modeling somewhere in the world. Her watch words are Fierce, Curious, and Kind. She hopes to embody these qualities everyday and be an example for others in her life.
Kimberley’s website

Eli Escobar’s Story

Eli Escobar is an International actress living in Boston but travels all over the world to work on different film projects. She is a writer, an Inspirational Speaker, an avid reader and loves watching films. Spanish is her second language and she’s worked in several Industrial Commercial Projects and Educational Videos. In the 2018 feature film "Alter Ego" she got to work with actor Eric Roberts and Argentinian Director Ezio Massa. She was a principal in two major commercials, worked as an Assistant Director in the 48 hours film and has been cast to the films “Parallel America “ from Oscar award winner Screenwriter Ernest Thompson due to shoot in 2019 Midnight Butterflies" due to film in 2020. Eli was featured in Voyager and the television talk show: Revista Hispana Channel 7 Boston. Eli was honored to be appointed as the Latina spokesperson for “The love Life Now “ organization and is also conducting her own acting classes to aspiring actors on how to be a successful actor. She will be publishing her first books in the upcoming months 2019 and plans to continue to train with amazing coaches from the Lee Strasburg Institute In Los Angeles, Steve Blackwood, and Bill Stanitsas from Hollywood East Casting Talent. She is represented by New England Model Group, and will be expanding to the New York market in 2019.

Kate Eppers’s Story

Kate Eppers is a singer, songwriter and actress from Salem, Ma. She performed in Harvard University’s comedic “The Ig Nobel Awards” from the age of 8 until 17. She has performed at the Danvers Fireworks Festival, with the Cape Ann Big Band, at The Watch City Steampunk Festival as well as independent features around Boston performing her experimental, piano heavy music. Kate has performed at the "Shalin Liu" in Rockport, MA, Kresge Auditorium at MIT U and Sanders Theater of Harvard University in Cambridge,MA. Kate has acted in countless music videos for both national and local Boston artists. This year she appeared in a web series and Independent films as well as composing for two of them. Kate was beyond excited in 2016 to be featured in Read more…

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Ashley Shea’s Story

Ashley Shea is a professional stage and film actor, voice artist, and writer. Born and bred in Louisiana, she was drawn to acting as a young girl. With experience in modern drama, musicals, and melodrama, she was accepted into the BFA acting program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where she trained under Charles Helfert, John Stefano, and Gail Cronauer. Later, she earned an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) and an MA in English (Literature) from the University of Memphis. Ashley also served for 18 years as Manager of Communications, Outreach, and Special Projects for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in Springfield, Massachusetts. She plays genres from Restoration comedy to classical tragedy. Ashley lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her actor-director husband, Jack Shea, and their rescue Border Collie-Labrador mix, Lana. The opportunity to work with David West on a delightful glitter shoot allowed her to pay homage to the magical Marilyn Monroe with a “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”-themed session. Ashley’s Website

Kelly West’s Story

Kelly’s role as artist takes on many forms. Dance is one of her long-time modes of creative expression; Kelly has over 25 years of experience in various styles of dance. Over a decade ago, Kelly started modeling as a hobby. Modeling has been a natural extension of movement and expression learned through dance. Kelly enjoys collaborating on projects like the Glitter Project as they result in unique creative images. In addition to seeking out selective modeling opportunities, her focus recently has been on creating new artwork and building her brand as an artist. For as long as she can remember, she has sketched and painted images from her imagination and dreams. Kelly is a self-taught visual artist who enjoys creating with both pen and paintbrush. She hopes to continue to grow her art business and learn new techniques. Kelly’s artwork can now be seen in her Etsy Shop

Jeanne Lohnes’s Story

When Jeanne is lighting up the stage, television or big screen, it is a brilliant light. Her talent, confidence, and respect for the entertainment industry shines through and has firmed her up as the go to girl for creative projects. As a child growing up in New England, her love for the performance arts started at a young age while participating and assisting her father with backyard magic shows. Her family owned, operated and resided in a country inn where she spent time quietly observing and studying overnight guests. By doing so, she learned a great deal about humanity where this became a helpful tool for her artistry as a performer. Read more…

Misty Lockheart’s Story

Misty Lockheart is a passionate artist. She has a gypsy soul and a mother’s heart so she tries to use every opportunity her work gives her to travel to explore and share love with everyone she can. Misty started modeling and acting at the age of 13 and has had the opportunity to work everywhere from New England, New York, Texas, California, Arkansas, DC to Nigeria, Paris and London. With many new opportunities coming up Misty looks forward to expanding her artistic roster and shining the love and joy of Christ as far as she can. Her son once said “mommy, you’re very different than most girls. You’re patient and while most girls only care how they look- you don’t, you’re country. You just want to travel the world and make it a better place, like it’s suppose to be.” She wants to do her best to live up to the way her children see her and set an example to work hard and follow their dreams. To see more of Misty’s work you can visit or her Instagram - @mistylockheart

Becky Birungi’s Story


Becky, 27, lost her mom as a baby, her dad walked away, and she was raised by her maternal side of the family. Childhood as an orphan living in Uganda has molded her into the woman she is today. She moved to the United States in 2015 by herself to get a fresh start and is now the founder and co owner of AfroInspired Events. They help market and advertise immigrant-based businesses plus hold fashion events. As an actress she has been involved in several film projects and enjoys modeling. As a model she has worked with many photographers, including David who happens to have been the 1st photographer she worked with in the US. You can Follow her on Instagram

“He was patient during our 1st shoot which was the glitter project. I was uncomfortable in front of the camera at first, but that didn't change his patience and he found a way to make me feel comfortable asking about myself and my country. This made me happy and allowed me to relax. The Glitter Project changed my life, gave me more confidence in myself and for the two times we have shot together there have been several model-growth moments especially with posing and smiling. I can’t wait to work on other projects with him.” Becky Birungi - Model and Actor

Gene Dante’s Story

Both an actor and a musician, Gene co-wrote and starred in the one-man show GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: PAUL LYNDE '79. He recently appeared in PROVINCETOWN MURDER MYSTERY, and at American Repertory Theater's Oberon Nightclub in THE BACCHAE, THE LILY'S REVENGE, and THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. He also was the title role in the critically acclaimed New England Tour of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH. Gene finds himself drawn to the stories of outsiders and castaways, writes and performs original music, enjoys a dry vodka martini, and is all over the internet: Gene’s Website

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"Dante is an anomaly in Boston's music scene: an artist who has refused to pigeonhole his talents.  Yes, he's a singer - and quite a good one, with a laconic croon reminiscent of Bryan Ferry and Lou Reed - who fronts a glam-rock band called Gene Dante & The Future Starlets.  And yes, he's an actor, but he's never defined himself strictly as one or the other."
Boston Globe


Amanda Rodriguez’s Story


Born and raised in Nashua, NH to a British mother and Dominican father, Amanda knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress, and performed in theatre from elementary school through high school. Amanda earned a B.S. in Marketing and minor in Media Studies from Plymouth State University, and started a career in business after she graduated. After a few years of working in the "real world", Amanda decided she could no longer push her true passion aside. At that point she began pursuing acting like never before, working on as many film projects as she could on nights and weekends. Then a few years after that, she left her 9-5 to become an actor full-time. In addition to acting in lead and supporting roles in a number of independent films, Amanda has many commercial credits to her name, including national TV commercials for Fanatics and Amazon. She knows she still has a long way to go on her journey, but is determined to accomplish her dreams.
Amanda’s website

Jordan Tofalo’s Story


Jordan Tofalo is an actress and director with a passion for visual storytelling. She earned a degree in Communications Media with concentrations in Film & Video Production and a minor in Theater, winning “Film Student of the Year” in 2016 for her directing work. She has worked in many aspects of the industry such as: in front of the camera, script writing, directing, production assistant, producing, all the way to being in the editing room. Jordan believes that all art forms are intertwined, and the power of cinema allows for this aspect of life to shine. Her mantra is 'Storytelling is the key to evolution.' See her work

Kayla Caulfield’s Story


“My name is Kayla I am a 21-year-old model and actress that resides in the Boston area.  I started modeling at the age of 14 after my mother signed me up for some modeling classes to help me with my shyness, since I am on the Autism Spectrum.  It was during one of these classes that I was told about a casting for a project that a NY photographer Ilona Szwarc was doing that involved the look like you American Girl Dolls, since I had one of those dolls we took some pictures and submitted, Ilona contacted me and wanted to use me for the project,  she came out to my house in April 2012  and took so many various pictures with the doll little did I know that Ilona had entered her photos into the World Press Photo Association that year and in February 2013 the photo of me placed 3rd in this prestigious photo journalism contest, all the photos that won went on tour to 45 countries.  With the power of the internet and facebook I was receiving so many notifications people wanting to work with me.  I started doing some shoots with local photographers, hair and makeup and designers, I really enjoyed modeling however I am only 5’4 so high fashion modeling was not to be, although I have walked runways in Boston, NY and London Fashion Weeks, this was all due to amazing designers that believed in me.  I landed some print jobs along the way, one was for a knitting company called Authentic Knitting Board that I ended up being on some of their knit loom boxes and pattern books.  After a few years of modeling I decided I wanted to try acting so I once again signed up for some classes and really enjoyed them and once again this helped me so much grow as a person.  I have been in many independent films as well as some Hollywood Films and TV shows filmed here in NE.

When I was contacted by David to work on his Glitter Project I was excited, I saw so many of my actor/model friends post pictures of themselves doing this project I thought it looked cool. Not knowing what I wanted to do as far a theme, I thought I would take it back to where it all started and brought that same doll with me to be part of it, another fun fact is that even though I was born in 1997, I am very into the hippie era so that is what inspired me for the theme.” Boston Voyager Interview

Nysha Khalifa’s Story


“I am a 25 year old actress and model . I have worked on a variety of TV and film projects including the Netflix show “The week of “ directed by Adam Sandler . I’ve also worked on a few projects for Cosmopolitan magazine. Definitely have experienced some bumps in the road of being in the entertainment business . Having a 5 year old has definitely pushed me to go over and beyond in this field . I have been blessed to work on a national Commercial with him as well as working on showtimes new TV show Smilf.”